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Karen Piwinski

    Karen Piwinski

    • Trainer

    In addition to owning a variety of family pets, Karen started her pet sitting business caring for the neighborhood dogs and cats at age ten.  From there, she went on to graduate from Penn State University with a degree in Animal Science Business Management.

    Karen has worked at racehorse farms, animal shelters, private horse training and boarding facilities, and as a veterinary technician. She enjoys using the knowledge she has gained from training horses in her training of dogs.  Karen had the unique opportunity in 2015 to train with Mike and George Tracy, nationally recognized bird dog trainers. Prior to joining K9 Basics, Karen worked at a dog training facility in Pennsylvania as well as spending over a year working for K9 Connection under Tyler Muto, a renowned dog trainer, working with dogs with a variety of challenging behaviors.

    She is excited to be part of the K9 Basics team to continue her dog training education and to help owners and dogs strengthen their relationship through training.  Karen will often be seen around the K9 Basics training center with her two English Setters, Trevor, a therapy dog, and Jazz, a troublemaker.