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Success Stories - Trigger

Success Stories – Trigger

(Success Stories from K9 Basics’ Advanced Socialization Class):

“Trigger” (Male German Shepherd Mix 2 years old).

A story from Trigger’s owners:

We enrolled Trigger in Advanced Socialization in March of 2011 because we thought he was dog aggressive. We soon found out that he was not, but we are so glad we enrolled him and that he still enjoys it every week. We are finding that he can get along with other dogs other than his brother (who he didn’t like at first either!). Since attending the classes Trigger has become a completely different dog and it has everything to do with the socialization class. He was dog reactive, meaning he reacted negatively towards all other dogs. He growled and tried to lunge at them. As the weeks progressed during socialization classes the power of the pack really brought Trigger out of his shell. He plays with other dogs, runs around with them, and is able to meet and get along with friends and family members dogs. Without socialization, not only would Trigger be held back, but so would we; from going places and doing things we love to do with our dogs!

Trigger sitting nicely.

Trigger happy in group training class at K9 Basics.