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Success Stories - Homeboy

Success Stories – Homeboy

(Success Stories from K9 Basics’ Advanced Socialization Class):

“Homeboy” (Male Rottweiler/Labrador Retriever/Mastiff Mix 5 years old).

A story from Homeboy’s owners:

We enrolled Homeboy in Advanced Socialization in March of 2011 because we wanted him to get along better with dogs. We knew he wasn’t aggressive but we wanted to be able to take him to trails, dogs parks, and around our friends’ dogs without worrying.

Since attending K9 Basics’ Advanced Socialization Class Homeboy no longer tries to go after dogs at the dog parks or trails. Not only does he not go after them, but we have brought him around friends and family members’ dogs and he plays with them and knows what not to do. He knows not to be too rough with little dogs and he doesn’t growl at or try to dominate large dogs.

We love watching him play during socialization class too! He seems to always have fun and he even seems to leave with a smile on his face!