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Success Stories - Daffy

Success Stories – Daffy

(Success Stories from K9 Basics’ Advanced Socialization Class):

“Daffy” (Female Pitbull Mix 4 ½ years old).

A story from Daffy’s owners:
When we first began bringing Daffy to K9 Basics’ group training classes, she lovingly got the nickname “Cujo”. She was extremely dog reactive and we could barely control her. She was even on Prozac to try and calm her. After finally enrolling her in the Board & Train program she was able to be calm enough to listen to us instead of her mind going at full speed. During her stay for Board & Train in March of 2011, she was put into the Advanced Socialization class. Since she graduated from training, we have continued to take her to the Advanced Socialization class once weekly. It was a rocky start, but over the last 2 months Daffy has really grown and learned how to be around the other dogs. Daffy has also been off the Prozac for about 1 month now. She’s had many milestones since beginning Advanced Socialization which include the following:

  • One of the first: She didn’t get involved. A new dog was going after one of the other dogs and Daffy started to run over, stopped and looked and then turned around and came back with the rest of the group. No one had said a word to her – she made the decision on her own to not get involved.
  • Next: taking her muzzle off. Most of us were ready to have a heart attack when the time came to take her muzzle off. Happily, she just ran around like usual! Other dogs came up to her, sniffed her, climbed over her, and she didn’t care.
  • Most Recent: Taking her over to my in-laws, who have a 5 month old puppy. Daffy was well behaved, even though the puppy kept bugging her. By the end of the night, they were both playing like old friends!

We NEVER thought we’d be able to have Daffy around other dogs, especially without a muzzle! K9 Basic’s Advanced Socialization was as beneficial to us as it was to Daffy. It’s worked wonders on her by giving her the confidence and correction she needed to learn how to be around other dogs and it’s given us the ability to relax a little and not worry as much as we used to.

Picture from Daffy's mom.

Daffy in Socialization ClassPhoto from Daffy's mom--Daffy getting along with another dog.