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Housebreaking Your New Puppy

Housebreaking Your New Puppy

Designate one area outside for him to eliminate, not all over the place. This will build up one area with scent that he recognizes is the area to do his business.

Start using the same word all the time like “goes potty’. This will start to teach him the association between the word and the action. When he does go, praise him with “good potty.” The new puppy should always be on a leash so that you can guide and direct what he does. A six foot leash works well and only give him to the end of the leash to move around. IN other words, we want to teach him that he’s there to go to the bathroom, not read the newspaper. This should take about 5 minutes. If he doesn’t go, bring him in the house and place him into his crate, don’t let him run around in the house, he’ll definitely have an accident then and you have set him up to fail. After about 20 minutes try again taking him outside on his leash until he eliminates. Use the command as soon as he goes out and repeat it. When he does go, praise him. Consistency, repetition and patience are key to being successful. I would initially do this every half hour initially and increase the duration to one to three hours.

Timing is always important and puppies need to learn good bladder and bowel control. He should be taken out first thing in the morning, after naps, after meals, always after some play time, if he’s been alone for any duration and always before bedtime.

By occasionally giving him a treat right after your dog finishes, you can encourage him to potty in the desired area. The odor left from previous visits to that area will quickly mark it as the place for the pup to do his business.