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Group Instruction – For the Life of Your Dog!

Our K9 Basics group training program is designed to let you train at your pace. We offer a free evaluation (by appointment please) when we set goals for each dog and owner.

We usually have anywhere between five and twenty dogs in each session, and that number dictates how many trainers are present. For a group of five dogs, we may have one or two trainers; for a group of twenty, we’ll have four or five trainers.


Group training comes with built-in distractions. We have to train the dog to pay attention to their owner, instead of all the distractions that are going on around them, because their attention span is so short. We’re building attention to command.

Ownership Has its Privilege

In contrast to our Board and Train program, in group training, everything is going to flow through the dog owner. Each owner handles his or her dog. Our trainers will demonstrate a technique or exercise for the students (owner/dog pair) to duplicate. Trainers are there to help the owners if they are having trouble, but the owner is the primary person working with the dog. The owner is going to make the decisions, and the better the dog gets, the more freedom we’re going to give the dog.

See Results!

You will start to see changes in your dog after the first couple sessions. Of course, you will need to work with your dog at home in between sessions. Doing so reinforces the training, as well as strengthening your bond with your pet!

Keep On Training

With our program, you can stop and re-start training at any time. The behavior of your dog will change over his lifetime, and maturity makes a difference. Problems can arise that didn’t exist before due to other situations in your and your dog’s lives. We at K9 Basics will be here for you, whenever you need us.

Five Sessions Weekly

We offer five training sessions each week, so you can come out as often as you want. Each session lasts 45 minutes, with nights and Saturdays being the most popular.

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