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Chico - Part 8

Chico – Part 8

Chico is doing great! He is now off-leash with the exception of occasionally needing the leash during group training for distance and heel work.

He’s just about ready to graduate from K9 Basics Obedience program; he just needs a little more work on his “half-ways” and his off-leash heel work. He has become strongly bonded with his “foster-sibling” Bruce, following him around like a shadow.

He really needs that someone special to come along to take him to his forever home. His foster mom would really love to have that person to be willing to continue to bring Chico to K9 Basics for his group training and socialization classes as they have been responsible for completely changing his life!

Chico has done a total transformation from the fear-biting dog who once cowered and peed when you would try to touch him to a now loving and outgoing dog! Today Chico attended an event at K9 Basics to benefit Semper Fido Inc. While he was there he was off-leash majority of the time and interacted with a large amount of people & dogs! His foster mom couldn’t be more proud of him and so on behalf of Chico she gives a huge THANKS to K9 Basics Dog Training for saving his life!!

  C H I C O ! !

C H I C O ! !