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Chico - Part 5

Chico – Part 5

Chico continues to attend Group Training & Socialization classes at K9 Basics.  He is coming along nicely with his obedience training.  He now knows “Come”, “Place”, “Sit”, “Down”, “Off”, “Quiet”, “Drop-it” and has been practicing “Heel”.  He is getting much better with his distance/duration work, and is also doing well with his half-way commands.

He is starting to play with the other dogs in his foster home and is working on learning how to share his dog toys.  Now that he has been off of the sedatives and calming medication for awhile, he’s really turned out to be a happy energetic dog!

He has developed an attachment to his foster mom, therefore she is working on getting him used to being left alone in his crate for longer durations at a time.  This is to help prevent him from experiencing separation anxiety as he did with his previous owner.

His foster mom also has her husband & friends practice his obedience training with him so he gets used to other people handling him and giving him commands.