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Chico - Part 4

Chico – Part 4

Chico is now completely off his calming medications and is doing great!! He now sleeps quietly in his crate overnight. When it’s time for bed he longer paces back and forth in the crate while barking for attention. He has also stopping having accidents in his crate.

He continues to attend Socialization and Group Training classes as K9 Basics LLC and has become much more comfortable being approached by other dogs and humans he doesn’t know. He actually pushes himself into people to be pet!

Today his foster mom took him along to a family gathering and he did just fine meeting a bunch of new people. He was very tolerant with his foster mom’s 2 year old niece who pet him, hugged him, and pulled his leash to “take him for a walk” all around the house. He even happily showed off his “Come”, “Place”, “Sit”, and “Down” commands in front of his foster mom’s family, wagging his tail the whole time!

Chico’s next goal will be learning “Heel” as well as learning to hold the commands he’s already learned for longer durations at a time.