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Chico - Part 3

Chico – Part 3

Chico is slowly “coming out of his shell”. He now wags his tail, prances around, plays, and gives kisses when he’s at home with his foster family. He seems to have already bonded pretty well with his foster mom and likes to follow her around. However, now that he’s more comfortable in his new environment, he is beginning to show some behavioral problems that will need to be corrected. He has displayed occasional aggression towards his foster “siblings” when he doesn’t want to share food/treats/attention. Brian Berg of K9 Basics advised his foster mom to limit his privileges until he becomes better trained.

Chico had his first experience with Socialization class and Group Training today at K9 Basics. He attended two separate 30 minute Socialization classes where he was exposed to a variety of dogs with varying personality types. These Socialization Classes are designed to help Chico learn from other “classmates” how to properly interact with members of his own species; In other words “Dogs teaching dogs how to be dogs”.

Chico also attended his first Group Training class. The class had 20 dogs in attendance so he had to learn to work in distraction. He worked one-on-one with his foster mom practicing the “Come” command using the Dogtra iQ Electronic Collar. He is doing well with this on a long-line leash. He is responding well to the Electronic Collar and verbal praise from his foster mom. No treats were needed for this training session.