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Chico – Part 2

Chico’s foster mom states that when he first came into her home (8 days ago) he was very shy & nervous. He shook a lot and mainly wanted to hide. His foster mom helped him settle into his new environment by allowing him to investigate his new surroundings and didn’t force him to interact with her. Once he seemed a little more comfortable she began to work on gaining his trust by offering treats, letting him sniff her, and gently petting him once he was relaxed.

He also seems to enjoy having the company of the other dogs that live in his foster home. They too have been a big help in his rehabilitation process; he is learning from watching them. His foster mom believes that having the company of her other dogs is what has been helping him to avoid feeling anxious when he needs to be crated.

His foster mom has begun working on socializing him by exposing him to a variety of people and dogs. At first he was very weary of new people; When approached he would shake, tuck his tail between his legs, and urinate wherever he stood. By continuing to expose him to people he is slowly improving. His submissive urination is now happening less frequently.

With approval from his veterinarian Chico is no longer taking the sedative prescription and is currently in the process of being weaned off his other calming drug. He was evaluated today by the owner of K9 Basics Dog Training company, Brian Berg, and has been deemed a good candidate for their training program.