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K9 Basics Staff

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A bit about our team…

Our owners, Brian and Lisa Berg, bring the greatest ethics, knowledge, and excellence to K9 Basics. This has made us the leader in professional dog training in this area for the past thirteen years. We have an eleven-acre facility, including 75 kennels, surrounded by woods just off of Rt. 73 in Marlton, NJ.

We are not new to this by any means. Our staff is very impressive in their experience and knowledge in this area of dog training. With considerable experience from their military background in the United States Marine Corps, as Military Police K9 handlers and trainers, they have worked and trained dogs both stateside and in combat. While doing so, they have worked extensively with multiple federal agencies, including the United States Secret Service, TSA, United States Customs and Border Protection. These three former Marines worked together and fought together. They know how to work as a team and it’s obvious when you see them in action. Owner, Brian Berg, was the Supervising Officer and a handler for the police K9 unit for 10 years, and had multiple real-life apprehensions. Our staff takes great pride in producing excellent dogs; their knowledge, decoy work, and ability to problem solve is extraordinary. This is proven experience and professionalism with appropriate techniques.