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Advanced Obedience Training and Behavioral Learning

Is your dog out-of-control? Or just not always in-control? K9 Basics dog obedience training in Marlton NJ has got you covered. We offer unlimited group training with our staff, as well as our board and train programs.

Passionate. Devoted. These are words that describe K9 Basics owners Brian and Lisa Berg to a “T”. Their goal is to help dogs and owners have the best life possible together through proper training.

So Much More Than Just “Sit” and “Stay”

Whether you realize it or not, proper dog obedience training involves so much more than teaching the animal commands like “Sit” and “Stay”. The real world brings a myriad of distractions including other animals, familiar or unfamiliar humans, tempting objects or aromas, and noises. A trained dog must be able to behave, regardless of the distractions around it.

Why Keeping Your Dog’s Attention Is Crucial

When a dog is in “excitement mode” it cannot learn. At K9 Basics, we believe that keeping the dog’s attention is key. Once the dog trainer can get and keep the attention, only then can real training begin. That’s when we can tap into the dog’s intelligence. Dogs want to learn. They want to please their owners. This helps reduce conflicts between you and your dog, and gives the animal clarity and clear direction.

Our goals in training your dog are to have it be able to perform:

  • for a longer duration of time,
  • with distractions,
  • off leash.

Imagine the relationship you could have with your dog when you don’t have to worry about behavioral issues.

Getting Your Control Back

Proper obedience training doesn’t mean changing the dog’s personality, energy or drive. It does mean getting control of the dog. Dogs are both social creatures and pack animals. As such, you need to be the one who is in control, not your dog. When training your pet, we help you mark the proper behavior so that the dog will learn what is expected.

Being a “Good Dog” is a Learned Behavior

When it comes to obedience learning, if your loveable little (or not so little) four-legged canine friend is eager to please, but doesn’t know how, give South Jersey’s leading dog obedience training center a call right now.

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