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Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Training

The cost is determined by a $50 full evaluation by professional trainers and the program that you pick. Good dog training is not a cookie cutter method and each dog is different.
We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
We will accept payments, but training cannot start until the payments are finished.
Our training is unlimited training sessions and covers your dog for life. We don’t sell a certain number of sessions because it’s not the best way to train a dog. Not every dog or handler progresses at the same rate. We do the opposite in our training. We set goals for you and your dog to reach and then they graduate (with off leash control!). Even after graduation, you and your dog are welcome to attend any of our eight training sessions a week. We realize that dog’s skills can fade and want to give you the opportunity to brush up and refresh your dog’s training at any time.
Yes we do. The two most important things that a professional dog trainer needs to know how to do is problem solving a dog’s issues and be able to modify their behavior. It’s the difference between just knowing how to teach commands and really train a dog well, creating a balanced dog that is fun and reliable.
We offer two programs. GROUP TRAINING The owner and dog train in a group format with other dog owners and their dogs with the training staff. This is done both indoors in out 3,000 sq. ft. heated training facility and outside at our 11 acre facility here in Marlton NJ. BOARD AND TRAIN Your dog stays with us in our completely renovated 6,000 sq. ft. kennels. Our kennels are immaculate and have large indoor/outdoor runs, central a/c, radiant heat in the floors, stereo and fire and burglar alarm systems. The owners live on the premises. The training staff trains your dog three times a day, which consists of a morning, afternoon and evening session. These are done privately and in a group setting, so your dog learns how to work around a lot of people and dogs. This helps the dog learn proper socialization at the same time. At the conclusion of the program we spend time with the owners showing them how to work their newly trained friend and finish up with two home lessons. By the end of the program, the dog is off leash and can work and play at a distance, heel next to you etc.
We don’t breed discriminate. We train any type of dog. All of our clients will have off leash control of their dog when they graduate.
As a rule we don’t train at people’s houses. Those that offer at home training do so because they don’t have a training facility. It’s also easy to train a dog at their own home and on their territory. We have an 11 acre indoor/outdoor training facility in Marlton, NJ that allows us to create and control distractions that creates the platform for your dog to learn. The other problem with training at home is your dog never interacts with other people and dogs. We want to create a balanced dog for you. Any issue that your dog has at home can be dealt with at our facility. If something occurs that needs our attention at your house, we will certainly come to your home and assist you in fixing the problem.
We have five trainers on staff @ K9 Basics. We schedule trainers according to demand based on day vs. night classes. Each training class is staffed by at 2-5 trainers.